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London has a problem!

Ahead of her 5-night residency at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the world rebounded singer, if you haven’t guessed, Beyoncé, has opened a ‘first of its kind’ pop-up at the Flannels flagship store on Oxford Street. The shop is almost a museum of RENAISSANCE, Beyoncé’s latest album which dropped in July 2022.

The pop-up includes a merch showroom where you’re able to look at all the pieces including exclusive “London Has A Problem” and “Cuff It” tees. After you purchase the merch, you’re directed to a room where all the pieces from the one-of-a-kind, Balmin x Beyoncé 12-piece collection are exhibited.

Finally, downstairs, there’s a dark room playing RENAISSANCE so you can have a little dance whilst Beyonce’s face is projected around you, what more could you want?

The pop-up runs until the 5th of June at Flannels, 161-167 Oxford St, London.

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