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Wolverhampton raised, London-based artist Benny Atlas has been delivering a stream of luscious vocals and soulful grooves over his last releases.

‘Uptown’ is the newest iteration of this, with Benny looking inwards to create one of his most powerful releases to date.

On ‘Uptown’ we can see Benny sonically contending with the power of his own actions. Through his honest song writing, Benny wrestles with futile attempts to rectify the damage he has caused in a relationship. His honesty combines with a fantastic voice that glides effortlessly over tasteful production.

The track begins by providing a bed of electric keys, ethereal swells and a pulsing kick drum. It is onto this that truths are spoken and melodies are found, leaving the listener pondering which of the two is having a more profound impact on the ears; it is surely the fusion of both. As the story of the track unfolds, detailed lyrics provide a vividity to the tale. Benny unleashes his voice to great effect for an impassioned crescendo. The story is then completed with a final return to the chorus, as well as the sound of a moving train to complement the content of the lyrics.

Benny expressed his desire for this song to sound ‘like it was drenched in booze and regret’. Moreover, he wished for it to portray a ‘breaking man’. The vulnerability on display in this track is greatly refreshing; ‘Uptown’ captivates instantly. It shows an enchanting performance from an artist pushing his creative boundaries, and discovering the full extent of his emotional range.

A myriad of platforms, such as Radio 1, 1xtra, Notion and Highsnobiety all have hugely positive things to say about Benny Atlas, and it is easy to understand why. Headlining The Lower Third in London to a packed-out crowd, and an appearance at The Great Escape, shows Benny has many areas of artistry in his repertoire. The direction Benny Atlas has embarked on is highly exciting. With him currently firing on all cylinders; whatever’s next will undoubtedly be special.

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