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Benny Atlas, the rising talent hailing from Wolverhampton, has made his triumphant return with the release of his soulful new single 'Don't Say It,' released through independent label TLD Records.

In 'Don't Say It,' Benny showcases his versatility and storytelling prowess, delving into the complexities of relationships and explores the issues of infidelity from the perspective of a problematic male character who takes advantage of a woman's emotions. The track takes a tongue-in-cheek approach while maintaining rich soulful inflections, giving listeners a captivating musical experience.

Renowned for his signature "loverboy" sound, Benny Atlas takes a more thought-provoking direction in this new phase of his music career. The track beautifully showcases his vocal talents, with his honey-dipped voice leading stunning layered harmonies into an infectious chorus. The soulful groove, masterfully produced by Sam Posner (known for working with artists like Cat Burns, Zak Abel, and Yasmin Lacey), adds depth to the track's emotional resonance. Commenting on the song, Benny shares,

"I have always written about the joy and calmness of falling, and being, in love. With this next chapter of music, I wanted to delve more into the other side of it, the paranoia, temptation, and possibility for disaster and heartbreak. 'Don't Say It' is the first part of this story."

Benny's soulful sound and thoughtful storytelling are sure to resonate with audiences, solidifying his position as one of the most promising talents in the music industry.

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