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Bel Coabin
Born out of her trip to Mexico earlier this year, singer-songwriter Bel Cobain unveils her latest single, 'Unlikely,' co-produced with Naples-born producer Dani Diadato, exploring paranormal activities and spiritual signs encountered during her stay.

The creation of 'Unlikely' took shape while Bel and her friends experienced eerie occurrences and spiritual signs throughout their stay in Mexico City and Oaxaca. The song's hypnotic bassline and lyrics poured out of Bel when she picked up a guitar at an artist's house. Interestingly, every time she played the song, strange events occurred, prompting the group to leave the house altogether.

The lyrics of 'Unlikely' delve into Bel's observations during the trip, addressing the impact on Mexico's indigenous people. Lines like 'feeling sorry for my people who got rigged by the systematic default' convey the emotional depth of the track. The stand-out lyric, 'the more you know, the less you know,' encapsulates Bel's ethos around the entire project.

Bel Cobain's musical journey promises a free and happy headspace, making her music a perfect antidote for our over-complicated world. Her motivation comes from a pure love for music, art, and all things creative. Seamlessly blending the timeless essence of Jazz with a fresh and invigorating twist, featuring lively rhythm and punchy poetic melodies, Bel's upcoming EP, 'Radical Forgiveness,' is poised to leave a strong mark on the music scene.

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