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Bel Cobain
UK favourite singer-songwriter, Bel Cobain, makes her triumph return with her latest single, "Pressure To Exist."

Produced in collaboration with Naples-born producer Danny Diado, this track melds jazzy elements with Bel's captivating vocals and profound lyrics. "Pressure To Exist" delves deep into the intricacies of life, tackling the societal and existential pressures that we grapple with. The song was penned in a single sitting as Bel seeks to make sense of what has been lost and openly discusses the journey of navigating life one step at a time.

Bel's clever use of contrasting lyrics, such as "is this a breakthrough or a breakdown?" and "I'm a danger to my own self, but they say that I'm the answer," effortlessly captures the internal push and pull that many of us experience at various points in our lives.

An aura of mystique has always surrounded Bel Cobain, but her truest, most content, and confident self emerges when she takes the stage. Bursting onto the music scene in 2019 with her track "Introverted Stoner" and has graced stages at festivals like Love Saves The Day and Love Supreme, as well as renowned venues such as the Jazz Cafe and the Roundhouse.

With a keen desire to share her music with the world, Bel is currently working on her new project and plans to treat audiences to live performances before the year's end hoping to offer a refreshing antidote to our overly complex world, and her enthusiasm for singing and sharing her craft is unlike any other.

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