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Bear Witness

Bear Witness, a passionate duo of brothers dedicated to creating beautiful noise through music, our set to make a powerful impact with their latest release, 'Tear My Heart In 2,' combining a hard rock edge with infectious grooves and passionate melodies that will leave listeners captivated for days.

Teaming up with GRAMMY-nominated producer Joel Hamilton - known for his work with The Black Keys and Highly Suspect - and GRAMMY-winning mastering engineer Adam Ayan, Bear Witness unlocked their distinctive sound. Their recent release, 'Tear My Heart In 2,' is a genre-defying masterpiece that skillfully blends rock elements with sample beats and soft synths of alt-RnB, showcasing the duo's unparalleled creativity.

Based in Brighton, Bear Witness consists of brothers Matt and Alex Georgiou. Their music is characterized by strong hooks, addictive grooves, and powerful riffs, drawing influences from a wide range of genres, including the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

With an unyielding ambition to prove their artistic prowess, Bear Witness shows no signs of slowing down. Their dynamic blend of hard rock and irresistible grooves is resonating with audiences, and their dedication to pushing creative boundaries is evident in every aspect of their art.

'Tear My Heart In 2,' is a testament to their musical brilliance and genre-defying approach as they continue to captivate listeners with their unique sound.

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