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So far in 2023, Bawo has had immense success with his EP ‘Legitimate Cause’ and his debut, sold-out, headline tour. He now returns with his new single, ‘Terra Incognita’.

The title of this track serves as a very apt metaphor. With Terra Incognita being a term used by cartographers to describe territory that has not yet been mapped or documented. This is fitting for Bawo. Impressively, he is navigating the UK rap scene, whilst maintaining a sound that is uniquely his own. This was proved on his last EP ‘Legitimate Cause’, which I believe to be Bawo’s best project to date. This opinion was shared by a number of publications, including The Guardian who hailed it as one of the best projects of 2023.

‘Terra Incognita’ contains an infectious energy and lyrical depth typical of Bawo’s work. Bouncy drums and floating melodies are joined by a laidback flow to begin the track. Bawo delivers the line ‘Terra Incognita, that translates to the land uncharted’, informing the listener of both the meaning of the track’s title, and his mindset.

This track has a light-hearted feel, whilst indicating the intentions of the young artist: to explore new territory. The lines included about Jeremy Clarkson’s bootcuts add a comedic element that is very well executed. It may seem difficult to imagine how Jeremy Clarkson’s choice of trousers fits into a hip-hop track, you will have to listen for yourself to appreciate how well it works. ‘Terra Incognita’ shines as a summery banger, with a jovial spirit and creative lyricism.

‘Terra Incognita’ clearly indicates Bawo has no intention of slowing down. As suggested by the song’s title, the artist is entering new spaces with his creative progression. This is someone whose work is only getting more exciting as he develops, with 2023 proving to be his strongest year yet.

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