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It’s time for one of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming acts within the scene to make his return. Continuing to build on his impressive growth in the scene, Bawo has now returned with the release of his latest single ‘Same Team’ featuring up-and-coming Reek0.

‘Same Team’ showcases the introspective lyricism that Bawo has pushed him to the top of the scene in the last couple of years. Allowing him to open up about finding the balance between relationships and the focus of his career, Bawo is open and raw with his emotions throughout his thought-provoking lyrics. Marking the commitment to music as his chosen path, this track starts a new journey for Bawo as he progresses from music being a hobby to a career. In his own words, Bawo shares:

"The song is about having the strength to ask for help despite maybe not feeling okay; people close to me may be thinking that I'm moving different but I'm still me and still here, so shout me because we can't do life alone.”

If you haven’t heard of Bawo then seriously, where have you been hiding? In the last year, he has gone from strength to strength supporting Knucks across his UK tour. With collaborations with the likes of BXKS, Louis Culture, and Oscar #Worldpeace, Bawo finds himself in the right place and at the right time to take himself to the next level. 2023 is set to be an impressive year for Bawo, we’ve got our ears locked into everything he is doing.

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