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Alternative singer-songwriter B-ahwe takes the reins with her latest release, with the self-produced video for her single, 'Ride 2 Nowhere.' The dreamlike beat, produced by close friend and collaborator TAMBALA, beautifully complements B-ahwe's tones, evoking themes of liberation, escapism, and empowerment inspired by their time in Vietnam.

The visually striking video, co-directed by Seb Luke Virgo and B-ahwe, combines animation and cinematography, marrying the fantastical elements that B-ahwe adores with the themes of escapism and liberation. Featuring artwork from Graphic designer and illustrator Ralph Berryman within the backdrops for the miniature sets featured in the video enhances the narrative of the single.

Known for her captivating live performances, B-ahwe has recently showcased her talent at Amazing Grace and The Great Escape. She is currently focused on supporting US Soul artist Curtis Harding on his European tour before returning to perform at Gilles Peterson's 'We Out Here' festival in August.

With 'Ride to Nowhere' marking her first release of 2023, B-ahwe sets the bar high for what is to come in the following months. With a wealth of unreleased music waiting to be shared, B-ahwe's dedication to honing her craft shines through, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her next moves.

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