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Äyanna, a captivating singer and songwriter, has burst onto the music scene with her latest single 'Girlfriend' with it's enchanting music video showcasing her unique style and undeniable talent.

Blending elements of pop, R&B, and soul, 'Girlfriend' kicks off a fantastical series inspired by 2000s rom-com sitcoms, exploring the magic of young love. Directed by Priya Minhas, the visual brings Äyanna's kaleidoscopic world to life, as she falls head over heels for her crush, who appears at the London cafe where she works alongside her four best friends. With mesmerizing choreography reminiscent of the Y2K pop star era by Weronika Wiktoria and Äyanna's unrivalled voice, the release introduces Äyanna as one of pop's most exciting new artists.

"I wrote 'Girlfriend' with Gale when I had a big crush on someone. It was the first time I'd felt such strong feelings, and the day I wrote the song, I was just feeling so overwhelmed and giddy. I said to Gale, 'let's do something really fun and flirtatious.' The song starts with 'if I wait any longer, you might make me spill over' because at the time, I really was wondering why he hadn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet. I just love how to the point the song is, while still being so playful and fun."

Having already garnered early cosigns from acclaimed artists like Stormzy, Summer Walker, and Spinall, Äyanna is poised to make her mark in the pop arena. Recently signed to the groundbreaking Atlanta label and collective LVRN, Äyanna joins the ranks of today's most thrilling and celebrated artists, including 6LACK, Summer Walker, DVSN, Davido, Spinall, Baby Tate, and more.

With a string of monumental accomplishments already under her belt, Äyanna's ascent in the music industry is one that should not be overlooked.

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