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Newcomer Ava Lily unveils triumphant new single ‘Happy Switch’, the follow-up to last month’s melodically haunting ‘Nobody Breaks My Heart Like I Do’.

Produced by Gary Go, the singer-songwriter’s latest offering embraces classic R&B sensibilities with a sonic playfulness, Lily’s one-of-a-kind vocal running over the elegant minor key. The artist’s mastery in poignant lyricism sees her vulnerably discuss the theme of sobriety on ‘Happy Switch’; as thumping beats mimic Lily’s heartbeat with thoughtful delivery. Of the new track, Ava Lily said:

"I wrote this song in my early days of sobriety and I was just tired of feeling all my feelings. A lot of stuff bubbles to the surface when you get sober, especially at night. I was like, ‘I need a happy switch so all the bad stuff can go away for the night and I can fall asleep’.”

‘Happy Switch’ follow’s January’s ‘Nobody Breaks My Heart Like I Do’ a stripped-down track on self-destruction showcasing Ava Lily’s flawless falsetto and an ability to write delicate melodies with undeniable sophistication. A stunning live version was recorded in the grand backdrop of St John’s Church, Hoxton and was produced by Max Bandicoot.

With her forthcoming EP set to be released in Spring, this new music cements Lily as one to watch in 2023 and beyond; vocally, sonically and with her flair for storytelling.

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