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In the ever-evolving landscape of music, emerging artists often seek to carve their niche and create a unique sonic identity, Melbourne-based, Australian-Indian artist ASHWARYA is doing just that with the release of her EP, "Why's It Gotta Hurt."

This independent project takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the edges of R&B, progressive pop, and electronic music. ASHWARYA's powerful vocals and hypnotic production firmly establish her as a rising star in the global music scene.

"Why's It Gotta Hurt" serves as an exploration of human emotions, including longing, desire, mania, and introspection. Creating a cyclical whirlpool of feelings, providing a self-reflective map of ASHWARYA's inner journey, both with herself and those around her. Collaborating with a team of young creatives, including close friends, ASHWARYA brings her vulnerability to the forefront, unveiling her multifaceted personality against shimmering sonic and visual landscapes. ASHWARYA shares her perspective on the EP, saying,

"The 'Why's It Gotta Hurt' EP further solidified to me that there are no rules in music. I wanted to create a project where listeners could step into my universe and feel the cycle of emotions sonically and visually."

The EP encapsulates her past and present experiences, from longing and desire to resentment and chaos, ultimately leading to the realization and acceptance that sometimes letting go brings peace.

ASHWARYA's artistry breaks boundaries, blending pop-minded melodies with electronic samples, unconventional arrangements, organic percussion, and traditional Indian instrumentation. With a blend of raw lyrical messages, a keen fashion sense, and a creative mind, ASHWARYA is captivating audiences worldwide creating a future that is undoubtedly bright.

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