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West London's rising star takes listeners on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery as she introduces her sublime debut EP, "Therapy Notes."

Drawing inspiration from her real-life therapy sessions, the EP is a soulful journey that chronicles the beginning of Aretha's career, along with her path to becoming a better mother and a better person. Released in September, the lead single, 'Reassurance,' set the stage for Aretha Fontaine as a rising star in the R&B scene.

The EP, consisting of four tracks, delves into themes of hurt, healing, love, and success, offering a personal narrative that serves as inspiration for others to embrace therapy and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Kicking off with sultry harmonies and smooth keys in this sublime slow jam. 'Flowing' explores the process of processing hurt, healing from love and success, and flowing through life "just like water."

Heading into 'Rest On My Mind,' the track is based on an epiphany from a therapy session, seeing Aretha Fontaine taking time to breathe after facing life's challenges, including losing her father and having a child at a young age. The result is a song about emerging stronger and more resilient.

Coming as the lead single, 'Reassurance' offers a change in mood with melancholic acoustic guitar and gentle piano telling a touching story about affirmation and communication in relationships.

Inspired by Megan Good & Tyler’s ‘Harlem,’ the EP closer 'Bad Habits' subverts norms and addresses mistakes women can make in relationships. Lifted by gorgeous vocal harmonies and ascending chords, it serves as a self-reflective end to the life-affirming EP.

With "Therapy Notes," she solidifies her place as a rising force in the music world, offering a timeless collection of self-reflective soul that will undoubtedly leave a mark in music history.

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