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Taken from his highly-anticipated forthcoming EP "Cosy," - set to be released on August 30th via Cloud X - Nigerian-born and Dublin-based rap prodigy Archy Moor is making waves with his powerful new track "Sick,"

After the success of his debut EP "Bonnie Hill" earlier this year and his recent tour support for Denzel Curry, Archy Moor is no doubt emerging as one of the most captivating and naturally talented artists to come from the music scene.

"Sick" - produced during a creative stint with collaborator Earl Saga - exhibits a sleek and aggressive side of Archy's artistry with his smooth flow and sharp adlibs ride atop hard-hitting percussive elements and distorted vocals, creating an impactful sonic experience.

Described as a fan-favourite during his recent Denzel Curry support, "Sick" serves as the final preview of Archy's highly-anticipated solo EP. Collaborating with acclaimed creatives such as George Boyce for cover art typography and Joker for mastering, Archy continues to position himself as a rising star in the UK hip-hop landscape. Discussing "Sick," Archy reveals

“So many times for me being proud and outwardly being vocal about achieving certain things has always been met with sour looks and comments and never with the intended, “congratulations on this etc”. That pushed me into achieving and celebrating solo and rarely speaking on anything music to anyone other than myself. This song takes all that away and reaffirms the positives of these achievements, essentially do you and forget about what others think.”

Archy Moor's unique approach to UK hip-hop, combined with his multifaceted talents, positions him as a rising star in both the music and creative industries. With "Sick" as a powerful introduction, Archy's upcoming EP "Cosy" is expected to solidify his presence as a young artist to watch in 2023.

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