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Nigerian-born, Dublin-based Archy Moor is for sure an emerging prodigy and his latest enigmatic single "I've Been" - taken from his forthcoming EP 'Bonnie Hill' - is just proof of that.

Building momentum as one of the most intriguing and naturally talented young artists coming out of the UK music scene, Archy teams up with a close friend, producer and collaborator Earl Safa for "I've Been". Delivering raw, anecdotal tales, that define Archy's talent through his low and seemingly ambivalent cadence enables him to lure in the listener, only to impress with his smooth overtones and structured adlibs. The ethereal instrumental laid the base for Archy to serve a glimpse into his early days as he grew as an artist promising that he's 'never disappearing'.

Paired with captivating visuals self-shot during his recent travels to South Korea, "I've Been" is set to push Archy into significant UK hip-hop conversations before the release of his forthcoming project, 'Bonnie Hill'.

Speaking on the new single, Archy explains:

“This song was literally made so out of blue. The night before myself and Earl left to Korea he cooked up the instrumental, I wrote the lyrics on the plane there and then we recorded the vocals in the hostel we were staying at and mixed it the same day. For the visuals, we rocked up to Sony Korea, dropped a bag on a camera and recorded and edited it ourselves haha - I love shit like that because why not?”

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