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Upon moving to London at 18 to study Songwriting, newcomer Annie O’Leary has been learning her craft and collaborating with her peers in North West. Now at age 20, her debut single ‘Round the Bend’ is set to mark the beginning of Annie’s singer-songwriter career, drawing from her idols such as Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith Carole King and Lily Allen.

This neo-soul meets dance-pop track captures the bounce and vibrance of the city’s clubs, whilst Annie’s unique melodies echo a female presence from UK & US hip-hop and dance music.

Drawing on personal experiences with love, mental health and leaving home for the first time, ‘Round the Bend’ fuses the sound of producer Sample K and feature artist El Wren, which hopes to introduce Annie’s upcoming EP with a combination of her lyrical authenticity and developing musicianship.

Behind the process, Annie elaborates...

“Round the Bend represents the monotonousness of feeling trapped in your head, it acts as an expression of overthinking the kinks in your relationship and all-round becoming drained by your own self-sabotage. Sample K’s beat adds youthfulness and energy, which mimics the UK R&B and dance crossover I’ve found particularly inspiring over the course of my few years living and writing in London.” “This track will introduce my sound to the up-and-coming UK music scene, pre-empting my upcoming EP ‘Love Letters’ which will narrate the experiences of navigating adulthood as a young woman of today”

The debut single cannot be defined by just one genre but has been compared to the likes of Corrine Bailey-Rae, Pinkpantheress and Jorja Smith, drawing on the influence of Drake’s latest release ‘Honestly Nevermind’ which fuels the energy and groove behind Sample K’s refined production.

‘Round the Bend’ gives a taste of what Annie O’Leary has yet to come.

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