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French-Senagalese Artist anaiis Collaborates with Electronic Producer Karen Nyame KG, Breathing New Life into a Track from Her Acclaimed Album

In a stunning fusion of sonic innovation, French-Senagalese artist anaiis and electronic producer Karen Nyame KG unite to present "transcending," a remixed gem that takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through sound and emotion.

This transformative collaboration is part of the deluxe version of anaiis' critically acclaimed 2022 album, "this is no longer a dream." The partnership showcases anaiis' versatility and Karen Nyame KG's creative prowess in reimagining the musical landscape.

The original version of "transcending" emerges as a soul-stirring testament to anaiis' artistic depth. The song is the culmination of her introspective exploration, offering a space to let go and dream beyond the confines of reality. With this remix, Karen Nyame KG - also known as 'The Goddess of Rhythm' - breathes new life into the track, infusing it with energetic drum patterns and African polyrhythms that elevate it to extraordinary heights. anaiis shares her perspective on the track, stating,

"Transcending is one of my favorite records from the album. Allowing for a place to let go, a place to dream beyond what we think is possible. With the remix, Karen gave it a new feel, a new color, lifting it to new places, exactly as the original song is intended to."

Producer Karen Nyame KG adds her insight:

"I really wanted to retain the essence of the original, evoking that feeling of transcendence mood-wise with this remix. anaiis already has a beautiful canvas of vocals to work with, it was a delight building a soulful uptempo groove around that."

Hailing from a diverse background and drawing inspiration from cultures worldwide, anaiis' musical journey has been a testament to her unique perspective. Her debut album "this is no longer a dream" marked a significant milestone, earning praise from critics and artists alike.

Notably, anaiis' live performances have earned her a spot alongside esteemed musicians such as Erykah Badu, Ibeyi, and more, solidifying her presence as a live performer. As she prepares for her headline show at the Barbican and gears up for further releases in 2023 and 2024, anaiis' journey is one of continuous innovation and boundary-pushing creativity.

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