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Amaarae 'Co Star' Still

Ghanaian-American musician Amaarae has announced the release of her latest album 'Fountain Baby', set to be released on June 9th, alongside the announcement we've been treated to a new single

"Co-Star," with an accompanying music video directed by Lauren Dunn.

The video features a "Co-Star" competition between women that includes the Clermont Twins, Nigerian rapper Deto Black, model Biba Williams, and others, celebrating zodiac signs and female empowerment. "Co-Star" continues Amaarae's artistry that explores female sexuality, subversion of gender norms, and West African heritage through a global lens.

The release of "Co-Star" and the announcement of 'Fountain Baby' follows Amaarae’s recent performance at the launch of Mugler x H&M in New York City as the face of the campaign. The new album expands beyond genre and regional confines, establishing Amaarae as one of the premiere artists in the global pop arena.

With the release of 'Fountain Baby,' Amaarae continues to explore and push boundaries in her artistry. Her unique approach and perspective have cemented her position as an essential architect in the future of music, and her new album is sure to solidify her as a premiere artist in the global pop arena.

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