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Bristol-based melodic alt-indie band Adult Leisure make a triumphant return with their latest single, 'Bad Idea,' which serves as a preview for their upcoming second EP set to release later this year.

Following their successful debut EP, Adult Leisure now presents their latest single, 'Bad Idea.' The band wrote, recorded, and produced the track themselves, with mixing by Ollie Searle. 'Bad Idea' is a poignant and introspective song that delves into the complexities of unhealthy relationships. Showcasing their unique sound, the track highlights the band's raw talent and emotional depth. Its danceable melody and relatable lyrics explore the painful truth that sometimes individuals accept unhappiness to maintain a fragile sense of peace and stability. With its captivating vocals and soaring chorus, 'Bad Idea' resonates with anyone who has grappled with the intricate nature of love and human connection. Reflecting on the single, the band shares their thoughts:

"Bad Idea' is an honest response to the relationships we deceive ourselves about to maintain harmony and avoid the unfamiliar. It's an introspective yet universally relatable song about accepting unhappiness. This track authentically portrays the struggles we encounter in relationships and solidifies our band's sound. The lyrics are sincere and relatable, and we hope they resonate with anyone who has experienced similar situations. We are incredibly proud of this track as it represents who we are as a band."

Adult Leisure will bring the single to life during their 'Bad Idea Tour' throughout the UK in June, starting on June 16th in London. The band is excited to share their music and showcase their refined and larger sound, which reflects their growth and artistic direction.

Stay tuned for the upcoming EP from Adult Leisure, as they continue to captivate audiences with their honest and evocative music.

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