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Aaron Taylor

British soul musician Aaron Taylor has released his latest 5-track EP, ‘Have a Nice Day’. The project is a celebration of everyday life and captures the highs and lows of ordinary experiences with laidback soulfulness.

It is his first release since his impressive debut album, ‘ICARUS,’ which was released in 2020, followed by the deluxe edition in 2021. The EP includes three singles, ‘Ebbs and Flows,’ ‘Coffee in the Morning,’ and ‘Patience,’ and two new tracks, ‘Joy Inside’ and the title track, ‘Have a Nice Day’. The EP is a feel-good collection of R&B tracks, and Taylor’s soothing vocals and silky production elements further enhance its timeless R&B sound.

In an interview, Taylor explained that the EP went through several variations and tracklist selections before he noticed the theme of the EP as a "day in the life" of Aaron Taylor. The EP includes songs that are inspired by his experiences, such as wanting to have a good day, enjoying coffee in the morning, and just taking it easy.

The EP’s title track comes with a heartwarming music video, where a puppet version of Taylor and his human form tackle the day ahead together.

Aaron Taylor’s ‘Have a Nice Day’ showcases the musician's impressive growth and versatility. The EP is a testament to Taylor's exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter, who has built an impeccable reputation as a British musician. Taylor's first solo track, 'Lesson Learnt,' was picked up by Apple TV and used globally in one of their adverts, and he has since built a diverse and dedicated fan base. With over 100 million streams on Spotify, widespread radio support comes from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio 2, and other tastemakers such as Annie Mac, Trevor Nelson, and even Elton John.

The EP's tracklist is a carefully curated selection of songs composed within a similar window of time, and the EP’s flow is seamless. From the title track’s positive intent, the down-tempo ‘Ebbs and Flows’ provides comfort, while ‘Patience’ leans into Taylor's gospel influences, reminding listeners to be okay with the average pace of life. ‘Joy Inside’ pays tribute to the love he feels for his newborn son and features vocals from his son's mother. Finally, ‘Coffee In The Morning’ closes the EP lovingly, as Taylor describes wanting to be everything to someone.

Aaron Taylor's new EP ‘Have a Nice Day’ is an invitation to find joy in simplicity, and it is out now on all streaming platforms. It is the perfect soundtrack for anyone looking to appreciate the simple things in life.

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