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From: West London, England

For Fans Of: Mike Skinner, slowthai, Elevation Meditation

Last year was a major breakthrough for this rising artist, with his massive hit ‘Bar Fights and Poetry’ taking this artist to new heights within the UK scene.

If you're still yet to discover KiLLOWEN, then let this be your introduction. Hailing from West London, KiLLOWEN has been on the scene for the last few years working away in the background, connecting and working with many of the leading names in the next wave of UK artists breaking through. With a sound reminiscent of The Streets, he is the perfect representation of modern British Culture.

Last year we were lucky to get KiLLOWEN down to our first-ever Oculate Presents event in Northampton and got to witness his raw energetic talent in full swing. Playing a combined mixture of his tracks, his standout features, and unreleased tunes, our eyes have been fully locked on to him since.

With the power of TikTok bringing ‘Bar Fights and Poetry’ above 500,000 streams on Spotify, in 2023 he looks to continue this stream of success.

With his next single 'Sober' dropping this month, is it time we see a new project in 2023?

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