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Bristol-based alt-pop sensation Ålesund have unveiled their triumphant, up-tempo track latest single, 'Rode Off Into The Sun,’ ‘marking the second single from their highly anticipated EP that embodies the essence of the summer months.

Fronted by the ethereal vocals of British-Norwegian singer-songwriter Alba Torriset, Ålesund's sound is a captivating fusion of dreamy pop hooks, atmospheric soundscapes, and alternative rock riffs. Drawing comparisons to renowned artists like Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine, and London Grammar, the band has carved a unique sonic identity that continues to captivate audiences since their formation back in 2018.

In this latest musical offering, Ålesund aimed to capture a raw and rough-around-the-edges sound, drawing inspiration from the energy and atmosphere of their live performances. 'Rode Off Into The Sun' specifically exudes a nostalgic "summer festival at dusk" ambience that envelops listeners. Collaborating with producer Benjamin Satherley-Johnson, they were fully able to channel Alba’s creative vision into reality.

Lyrically, the song reflects the admiration for a character who possesses unwavering self-worth and resilience, able to rise above adversity and make the best out of any situation. Vocalist and lyricist Alba Torriset shared;

"When I witnessed a friend overcoming difficult circumstances with grace and determination, it left a profound impact on me. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, she chose to forge ahead and create a fulfilling life. This inspiring experience became the central theme of the song,"

With their enchanting melodies and poetic lyricism, Ålesund continues to push the boundaries of alternative pop, capturing hearts and imaginations with their remarkable musicality. As they gear up for the release of 'Rode Off Into The Sun' and their forthcoming EP, Ålesund solidifies their position as one of the most exciting emerging acts in the UK music scene. Stay tuned for their captivating sonic journey as they paint vivid musical landscapes for their growing fanbase to explore.

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